Rewarding Resources: Online Newspapers

This is the first in a monthly series of reviews and recommendations of different electronic resources available through the Library and through the Internet.  I use sources like this everyday answering reference questions here at EPL and you might also find them interesting and useful.  I’ve been doing a similar series at our monthly staff meeting for the past year and I thought it might be time to share some of these ideas with our patrons.

This month I thought I would cover online newspapers.  Many people read the newspaper online, including myself.  There are also databases of older historical newspapers.  Most of these are available in full-text, meaning that you can read the whole article online.  Here are the basics:

Lancaster Newspaper Database/Proquest Database
These include the Lancaster New Era/Intel and Sunday News, in full text, dating back to approximately 1995. This is available through the ProQuest database that Library System of Lancaster County subscribes to.  It is available at

Just put your Lancaster County library barcode number in at the top and scroll down to the Proquest database.

Google News
You can search news websites, including Newspapers, through Google News. Some of these papers are fee based. It is available at There are older newspapers available through Google Newspapers. It is available at  The Reading Eagle is available through Google Newspapers.

Other Local Papers
The Ephrata Review has a website where they post select articles. It is available at

Most of the larger surrounding communities have newspapers with websites. Far and away my favorite is the Harrisburg Patriot’s Pennlive (  They do a lot of regional and breaking news.  Lancaster Newspapers website is called LancasterOnline (

There are other historical local papers that are available online through the following links:

AccessPA Digital Repository/ Collection:
Lancaster County Digitization Project:
Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers:

The New Holland Clarion, available on the AccessPA Digital Repository, is the paper that I have used the most since it is the closest. It ranges from 1873 to 1950 and is full text searchable.

Newpaper Apps

Most newspapers have Apps that allow you to read their content from your mobile device or tablet.  I read Pennlive, LancasterOnline, the Hanover Evening Sun, the Carlisle Sentential, and AP Mobile almost daily on my IPhone.

If you have any questions regarding these resources please feel free to contact me at the Library or you can email me at

Keith L Greenawalt, Reference Librarian



You may have heard something referred to as the “cloud” these days. I get a lot of questions about what this “cloud” is.

Different companies (i.e. Amazon, Apple, etc) are now offering “cloud” storage. Cloud storage is basically storage space through the internet. Think of it like a hard drive that you can access anywhere you have internet.

We rely heavily on the cloud service at the library by using Dropbox. When you download Dropbox it puts a folder on your computer, and once you setup an account you can access Dropbox on any of your devices that you download Dropbox to!

For example, I put Dropbox on my work computer, and on my personal computer. I can access those files whenever I want on either computer. Any changes I make, automatically updates the file on both computers! It’s really cool.

You can also share folders in Dropbox. Let’s say you’re working on a project with a partner, and you both need access to the files. If you both have Dropbox, you can setup a shared folder that when changes are made it updates the files on BOTH computers.

What’s even better about all this? It’s free!

I’m posting the link below.


If you have any questions make sure to leave a comment!