Google Docs

If you have a Google Account you have access to a ton of wonderful web applications. If you’re wondering how to get a Google account click here.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office on your computer (Word, Excel, etc.) Google Docs is a great alternative. To use Google Docs all you need is access to an internet connection. Now don’t let the name fool you, Google Docs isn’t only a word processor, when you click “Create” it gives you the choice for spreadsheets, presentations, and various other options.

What are the benefits of using Google Docs?

Besides being absolutely free, anything you create in Google Docs will be saved to your account. This means you can access those documents anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also share your documents with other Google Doc users. If you’re collaborating with someone on a specific project you can share that document with them and anytime they save changes it will save them on your account as well. They also have a feature that allows you to add comments to the document you’re working on. This is nice for communicating with people you’re working with, or just notes to yourself.

You can also upload Microsoft Office files into Google Docs and continue editing them. You might not have ALL the features of other programs, but you have all the necessities. Overall this is a great resource to have!



Rewarding Resources: Voting Information

Election Day 2012 will be upon us in less than a month.  The national general election will take place on November 6th.  We at the Ephrata Public Library are proud to be the polling place for the Fourth Ward of the Borough of Ephrata!

There are a couple of places to know when looking for voting information.  These include election results, polling place locations, absentee ballots, and other eligibility information!  Here are a couple of good websites to help with the voting process: – The Pennsylvania Bureau of Commissions, Elections,and Legislation Office – Information voting in Pennsylvania – The Lancaster County Office Elections Office – County-wide results can be found here after the elections – A national site with voting information for each state – Voter information from the League of Women Voters

As of the time of this post, voters are NOT required to show identification.  They will be ask for identification, but will not be required to show it to be able to vote.  For more information, click here.

Be sure to mark your calendars to vote on November 6th.  Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager


We are huge fans of project collaboration here at Ephrata Public Library. Doing projects together is great, but sometimes it’s difficult for us to keep track of who’s doing what. Websites like Asana make our jobs easier.

Asana is a web application dedicated to task management for teams. You can create projects, and list all the things that need to be done for that project. It’s like a virtual check list, however, you can assign the tasks to other people in your Asana network. For example, we have a project labeled “blogs/social media” and under that our boss can assign different staff members to update our blogs by certain dates.

Asana will send you a daily e-mail reminding you of your tasks and showing you their due dates. As due dates get closer those tasks move to the top of your list. When you finish a task you click the little “check” box and this marks it completed. (It’s extremely satisfying.) This will notify the person who assigned the task to you as well as move the item to the completed list.

While working on a task you might want to discuss something with the person who assigned it to you. Each task has an “Activity Feed”. This shows when the task was assigned to you along with other details. You can post a comment to interact with others working on the project.

You can also use Asana to keep track of your own tasks. I like to keep a list of all the things that need done even when I’m working alone. By putting in due dates it will mix my personal tasks along with the tasks I need to finish for projects and prioritize them by due date.

If you want to learn more about Asana check out this video: