Using MindMeister to Brainstorm!

MindMeister is a great product that we’ve been using at the library for years. If you want to try it out, the free version gives you three mindmaps. If you find that you like it, a personal account is $4.99/month.

If you are a visual learner, or a visual thinker, mindmaps are a great choice to spark creativity and organize your thoughts. In addition, MindMeister allows you to collaborate with others and get the best product remotely. There are so many meetings in our lives that anything that saves time and has the same outcome is a welcome change. MindMeister also has apps so that you can work on the go and jot down your ideas immediately. How many times have you had a great idea and forgotten it by the time you’re sitting at your desk?

The MindMeister website claims you can start within 60 seconds, so I tried it. This is a very accurate claim! So give it a try and collaborate with others on anything from large project management to personal tasks like planning a wedding or a family reunion!

Penny Talbert
Executive Director


Rewarding Resources: College Guide

Recently I have been working on a new learning guide using the LibGuide format that the Ephrata Public Library subscribes to (  The topic of this guide is getting into college, from finding a school to studying for tests to financial aid.  I tried to make this as comprehensive as I possibly could.  Visit to access this guide.

Keep in mind that the Library has access to some excellent resources that are included as a part of the LibGuide and I have touched on them in a prior blog post.  Learn-A-Test and are EXCELLENT resources for test prep.

There are a lot of good things out there, so as always I take suggestions on any resources I might be missing!

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager