Rewarding Resources: LibraryThing

LibraryThing is an online tool that allows you to catalog your own book collection. I use it to keep track of my personal collection.  It is free to use for up to 200 books, after that there is a membership fee (either annual or lifetime).  I have an annual membership that is very affordable, especially that it allows me to see what I have anywhere!

I had run into a problem over the years that I would go to a bookstore or used book sale and would see a book that looked interesting.  I would sometimes not be sure if I had a title or not.  At one point I think I had three copies of the Warren Commission Report, which is probably three more than I needed.  If I am not sure, I just hit up LibraryThing!

It is some work to enter your collection, although it is fairly easy.  You can use ISBN numbers to import records from various sources (including Amazon and WorldCat).  If the book isn’t out there somewhere you can enter information manually, as much or as little as you want.  You can have collections and subject headings and tags!

So check out LibraryThing.  I think you will find it to be very useful!

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager


Rewarding Resources: Library of Congress Digitial Collections

One place that has a constantly growing collection of free digitized resources available is the Library of Congress.  The Library of Congress is the world’s largest library and holds some of the world’s treasures.  They also function as the de facto national library of the United States.

The Library of Congress has a wide range of resources digitized.  I pointed out LOC’s newspaper archive last month, but they have excellent resources in many other areas as well.  Their American Memory Project collection is particularly awesome.  They also have resources related to history, sports, music, art, and the environment, among many others. You can access their digital collections here.

I encourage you to look around and see what America’s Library has to offer!

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager