Rewarding Resources: The NEW POWERLibrary

Pennsylvania has provided its citizens, through its public libraries, with a suite of databases and other electronic resources for more than a decade now.  As time has evolved, resources within these databases have come and gone, as have many of the databases themselves.  In the past couple of years, other services have been added to this arena of electronic information, such as an archive of digitized documents, newspapers, and photos and a 24/7 virtual reference service were you can get help online from an actual living breathing librarian (I should know, I used to be one of those living breathing librarians while working for another library).  I would also be a terrible librarian if I forgot the state-wide interlibrary loan service and its statewide library catalog.  Those are important too!

So you had these resources with names like AccessPA and  POWER Library and AskHerePA.  They were all vaguely tied together, but they always seemed kind of separate.  Not anymore.

Within the last week, the Commonwealth rolled out a sleek and modern looking new central hub for all of its virtual library services.  Welcome to the new and greatly improved!  POWER Library is the new name for all of these services, now housed in one easy to use place.

All of your main functions of POWER Library can be accessed straight from this portal.  You can find the state-wide library catalog, the digital archive containing virtual items from institutions all over the state, the databases (now called e-resources), and the 24/7 librarian chat feature.  It’s much easier to use and really looks sharp.  I particularly like the use of the the quintessential Pennsylvanian, Ben Franklin, as the new figurehead!

If you have questions or need help with any features, you can reach me at

Take a look.  I think you find this resource rewarding!

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager


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