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I recently ran across a column on LancasterOnline (Read the column here) about a website called allows you to find author read-a-likes, but in a visual format.  All you need to do is enter an author’s name into the word box on the homepage and you will be given a map of similar authors. results look sort of like a word cloud, but instead of the size of the word it is the distance from the original entered authors name that denoted how similar they are.  You can click on any authors name and it will take you to that author’s map. is an excellent resource for those looking for new authors.  My only criticism is that it does not give you any information about the author beyond the map.  This can be easily rectified by using sites like Shelfari, FantasticFiction, or GoodReads.

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager

(Below is the homepage and a author map for James Patterson)





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