Rewarding Resources: Big Interview

I recently saw an article (click here to view) on a new state resource for job seekers.  It is called the Big Interview and it allows register users to practice interview questions.  While I have only used it very vaguely myself, it does look like it has a lot of promise. It can be tailored to find your level of experience, age, and even industry.

You do need to be registered with Keystone Job Gateway in order to use this service.  If you have ever registered with CareerLink, you are already set to go with JobGateway and can you your Keystone ID and password.  To access the Big Interview, go to the Keystone JobGateway (click here) and click on the Big Interview link on the lower right-hand side.

My only concern is the need for some slightly more advanced equipment in order to use some of the features.  I do not have a web cam here at my desk at the library, so I was not able to test drive all of the features.  I hope this isn’t a roadblock to anyone!

Keith L Greenawalt, Public Services Manager



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